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Flyer Floats <I>Video X</I> Controversy

31 Jul, 2003 By: Stephanie Prange

A flyer distributed at the show — purporting to be from the family of a teenager killed during a crime spree last year — asks VSDA attendees to “avoid” certain Vanguard Cinema videos. “They are exploiting the death of Darla-Jean Stanton!!” the flyer states.

Vanguard supplies the documentary Murder in the Heartland: The Search for Video X and the raw footage of the crime spree, Video X, which the supplier describes as “raw footage taken straight from the camera of the crime spree killers Dwayne Foote and Darla-Jean Stanton, two rural Kentucky young sweethearts.” Video X streets Oct. 28.

The flyer states, “Video X has atrocious murders on it and the death of our beloved daughter, sister, and friend Darla-Jean Stanton, all caused by Dwayne Foote.”

Vanguard CEO Freyr Thor responded, “We are well within our legal rights to release this.” Of the flyer, he said, “Anybody has a right to express their opinion.”

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