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FlickStation Media To Launch Burn-On-Demand DVD Kiosk — Eventually

15 Feb, 2006 By: Holly J. Wagner

FlickStation Media plans to launch a new DVD rental kiosk that also offers a download-and-burn feature.

The company's existing machines tout a capacity of nearly 1,000 discs and a footprint of about 9 square feet. The kiosks run on Internet-based software that lets the owner monitor and manage its kiosks.

“Being a software company, FlickStation Media has gotten positive feedback on the security aspect of our burn module from two leading studios. We will nail down details, like title selection, as we get closer to integrating the burn module into the FlickStation,” said FlickStation Media CEO Dean Gebert. “But for right now, it's all-hands-on-deck and everyone's focused on FlickStation's launch.”

The company will sell a limited number of machines at preferential pricing to make sure they system is fully debugged. Then Gebert hopes to ramp up to selling 250 machines a month.

Other planned enhancements include multiple checkout and a multilanguage interface, which will facilitate international deployments.

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