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Flicker Alley Set Celebrates Film Pioneer Georges M?li?s

2 Feb, 2008 By: John Latchem

Silent-film preservation specialists Flicker Alley and Film Preservations Associates March 11 will release a five-DVD set celebrating filmmaker Georges M?il?s, referred to by film historian Georges Sadoul as “the father of narrative cinema.”

Georges M?li?s: First Wizard of Cinema collects 173 rare films from the French director, including his first film, Patie de Cartes (1896), and his last, Voyage de la Famille Bourrichon (1913), as well as such iconic masterpieces as 1902's A Trip to the Moon (the filming of which was chronicled in an episode of HBO's miniseries “From the Earth to the Moon”).

The $89.95 set also includes Le Grand M?li?s, a 1953 English-language tribute by Georges Franju. Producers of the collection hope to spark a re-evaluation of early film history, when much of the credit was given to Thomas Edison and others.

The films have been digitally stabilized and cleaned, and the music faithfully re-created.

Flicker Alley DVDs are distributed by Facets Multimedia.

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