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Fisher Rolls Out Cuss-Censoring DVD Players

29 May, 2002 By: Hive News

Folks sensitive to swearing in video entertainment will be able to control what reaches their ears with a new DVD player and home theater system Fisher rolled out nationwide today,

“Families everywhere are concerned about the bad language in today's movies," said John Sporny, National Sales Manager of Fisher AV. "Parents will especially appreciate how TVGuardian can filter out offensive words automatically when playing DVDs at home. It really works, it's easy to use, and adults can decide for themselves when filtering is appropriate, and at what level."

The systems have all the usual features, but also incorporate TVGuardian Foul Language Filter technology, designed to let users filter out offensive language in DVD movies. TVGuardian, developed and licensed by Rogers, Arkansas-based Principle Solutions, Inc., has previously been available only in a stand-alone set-top box.

TVGuardian uses a patented process that monitors the closed-captioned signal on most videos and DVDs (not home movies) and checks each captioned word against a dictionary of foul words stored in TVGuardian. If an inappropriate word or phrase is detected, the audio is muted, the offensive word is removed from the closed-captioned signal and a suitable word is substituted, when appropriate.

TVGuardian can be set to just mute the foul phrases and not display the substitute phrases; display the substitute phrases only during the mute of offensive phrases, or display continuous profanity-free captioning for the hearing impaired.

Users can choose between two different filter modes. Strict Mode even filters out exclamatory uses of the name of God, Jesus and Christ. Moderate Mode leaves these words audible, which us desirable when the DVD features religious content. TVGuardian technology can normally filter out about 95 percent to 100 percent of foul language from DVD movies, the manufacturer claims.

The Fisher DVD-SL30 single-disc DVD player ($149.99 SRP) is available throughout the U.S. at Discovery Channel Stores and Family Christian Stores. The Fisher DCS-TS750 slim-style DVD home theater system ($249.99 SRP) is available at Costco stores nationwide.

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