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'First Sunday' Marks Playwright's First Foray Into Film

28 Mar, 2008 By: Billy Gil

Ice Cube and David E. Talbert

If playwright-turned-director David E. Talbert had a nickel each time he was compared to Tyler Perry, he says, he'd be able to give up filmmaking altogether.

“We both come from the same genre of theater, so it's not hard to make that comparison,” Talbert said of his urban-themed comedies. “But he's lived most of his life in front of the camera, while I've been behind the scenes.”

Indeed, Talbert leaves the acting in his first film, First Sunday, to some scene-stealing stars, including Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan and Katt Williams. The film follows two petty crooks, Cube and Morgan, who try to hold up their neighborhood church when they see how much money the church raises.

“Cube was my unofficial second director on set,” Talbert said. “He would chime in at different junctures and pull me aside and give me tips. Tracy Morgan was doing stand-up comedy during the whole thing. The DVD has tons of funny stuff that Tracy did.”

The $28.95 DVD (out May 6, with orders due April 3) also includes a commentary with Talbert, deleted scenes, outtakes and several featurettes. The $38.96 Blu-ray Disc has the same special features, plus a “fact track” with pop-up trivia and additional information. The film also is available on a $24.94 UMD.

“We saved a lot of the outtakes because there was so much funny in that movie,” Talbert said. “We added a lot of these outtakes from Katt Williams. I made sure to keep the camera on him because he's a master of ad lib. When they sent me the DVD, I went straight to the outtakes.”

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