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First Quarter 2001 VHS Sales Outpaced DVD Sales Almost 2-to-1

7 May, 2001 By: Melinda Saccone

VHS sales for the first quarter of 2001 outpaced DVD sales by a margin of 1.9-to-1, thanks to its stronghold in the kidvid sector, according to VideoScan sales data.

In combined DVD and VHS sales, Buena Vista Home Entertainment’s Dinosaur was the top seller for the quarter, outselling its next closet competitor, Lady and the Tramp II, also a Disney release, by more than 25%. Universal Studios Home Video’s Meet the Parents was the No. 3 title in combined VHS and DVD sales.

Discount mass merchants the likes of Wal-Mart and Target continued to dominate the sales scene, with 56.6% of all sales for the quarter. While discount mass merchants accounted for 68.5% of all VHS cassettes sold in the quarter, they accounted for just 34% of all DVD sales in the first three months of the year.

The fight for DVD market share is tight, with consumer electronic chains and discount mass merchants running neck-and-neck. Video Store Magazine market research estimates that consumer electronics chains had a 35% share of the DVD market for the quarter. Video specialty retailers were not far behind, with 25% of the DVD market contrasted with just 16% of the VHS sales market.

Warner Home Video dominated the quarter with 22.6% of total VHS and DVD sales. Warner, which includes New Line, HBO and PBS, strolled to a first place finish in the first three months of the year in large part due to a whopping 28.1% share of DVD sales. The studio dominated the DVD market despite not having a single title make the top 10 DVD sellers chart for the quarter.

Warner also had 19.7% of VHS sales in the quarter, even though it had only one release on the top 10 sellers chart for the quarter. New Line Home Entertainment’s The Little Vampire (No. 10) put in the best showing among Warner VHS offerings.

Kidvid king Buena Vista Home Entertainment captured the top spot in VHS market share for the quarter with 20.8% of all consumer VHS sales.

Buena Vista’s Dinosaur, which debuted Jan. 30, helped lead the studio to victory, capturing the No. 1 spot on the top VHS seller’s chart for the first three months of this year. The animated feature sold more than three times the number sold of Universal Studios Home Video’s Meet the Parents, the top selling DVD of the quarter.

Typical of the VHS sellthrough market, the children and family genres dominated quarterly sales, earning 20.5% and 16.7% market shares, respectively. In addition to Buena Vista’s Dinosaur, the top 10 VHS sellers for the quarter include such kid-friendly fare as Buena Vista’s Lady and the Tramp II, Paramount Home Entertainment’s Rugrats in Paris, DreamWorks Home Entertainment’s The Road to El Dorado and New Line’s The Little Vampire.

Meanwhile, the DVD market paints a different picture in terms of genre. The DVD sellthrough venue more closely mirrors rental transactions. Actioners, comedies and dramas, aimed at a more adult audience, were DVD consumers’ genres of choice. In addition to the Universal comedy Meet the Parents, titles on the top 10 DVD sellers chart for the quarter include adult-oriented fare such as BV/Touchstone’s Coyote Ugly, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment’s Hollow Man, BV/Touchstone’s Gone in 60 Seconds, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s Me, Myself & Irene and Columbia TriStar’s Charlie’s Angels.

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