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Firms Partner on New DRM System

9 Apr, 2002 By: Hive News

Corporate media communications house Medialink Worldwide Inc. today at The National Association of Broadcasters Conference announced the launched what it bills as "the world's first global video monitoring service for digital rights management" today at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference today.

The new system, dubbed Teletrax, is based on Royal Phillps' WaterCast technology and is an asset management tool for content owners seeking to protect and leverage their video property, reporting precisely which broadcast networks or outlets are using Teletrax-encoded video, the manufacturer reports.

"As the world rapidly migrates to digital content distribution, rights management has become an essential tool for content owners and broadcasters," said Jos Swillens, GM of CryptoTec, the Philips business group behind WaterCast. "We are very excited about the unique Teletrax proposition and look forward to a close working relationship with Medialink."

Teletrax digitally embeds an invisible and indelible code into video to automatically track through a worldwide network of detectors Teletrax is installing. Ultimately, it reports the video usage to producers, broadcasters and distributors.

"The launch of Teletrax represents a significant television industry innovationBeyond its proven ability to track video usage across all the different broadcast standards and to work in both analog and digital formats, Teletrax could have profound implications on how video assets are managed globally,'" stated Laurence Moskowitz, chairman, president CEO of Medialink. "We began researching and developing watermarking technology more than four years ago in an effort to track our corporate clients' video usage electronically, which has never before been possible on a global .In Philips, we have found the most advanced watermarking technology available."

Teletrax will offer the following services:

Copyright Protection Indicator – Teletrax reports on the usage of embedded material, including channel, time and duration data, thereby identifying unauthorized use of copyrighted material. Original Format Indicator – Teletrax reports whether content has been altered from its original format.

Audience Evaluation Tool – By combining Teletrax's broadcast data with additional audience evaluation analysis (e.g. social demographics and audience size), the client can monitor and assess the reach of each broadcast.

Advertising Verification – Teletrax offers advertisers the ability to verify automatically and electronically that commercials have been aired when and as scheduled, eliminating reliance on manually generated affidavits or verification reports.

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