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FCC Chairman Names Intra-Agency Leaders to Review Proposed EchoStar-DirecTV Merger

2 Nov, 2001 By: Hive News

Fderal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Michael K. Powell announced Friday that W. Kenneth Ferree, chief of the Cable Services Bureau and future Media Bureau, will head an intra-agency team of FCC officials to review whether EchoStar Communications Corporation's proposed acquisition of General Motors' Hughes Electronics, which owns satellite television service DirecTV, is in the public interest.

Chairman Powell said, "The team I have assembled includes experts from different FCC offices and bureaus that deal with areas and issues relevant to these companies and I am confident that the review will be thorough, fair and timely.

"Given the significant concentration that would result from this transaction, it will be rigorously scrutinized by this team and the Commission," chairman Powell stated.

Jim Bird, senior counsel, office of the general counsel, and David Sappington, FCC chief economist, will serve as senior leaders of the team. Additional members of the special coordinating team include: Barbara Esbin, associate bureau chief, Cable Services Bureau; Julius Knapp, deputy bureau chief, Office of Engineering & Technology; JoAnn Lucanik, Satellite Division, International Bureau; Royce Dickens Sherlock, deputy chief, Policy Division, Cable Services Bureau; Donald Stockdale, economist, Office of Plans and Policy; and Doug Webbink, economist, International Bureau.

Powell said that he has assembled this team in advance in order to expedite the FCC's review once the parties' application is received.

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