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Expect Heartwarming Features On <I>Ice Age</I> Video

26 Jun, 2002 By: Hive News

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is predicting its sub-zero heroes will put the chill on fourth quarter competition when Ice Age, the $180 million hit, thaws out on Special Edition DVD and VHS Nov. 26 (prebook Oct. 16).

Fox's is putting its “most ambitious and comprehensive marketing and promotional effort ever” behind the animated movie, with an $85 million campaign and 14 partners. The video release features an all-new, exclusively produced CGI-animated short Scrat's Missing Adventure, on disc and tape. Created exclusively for the home video and starring the prehistoric rodent, whose newest adventure begins as he proudly finds a nut behind a patch of grass and scrambles up a tree revealing thousands of neatly arranged nuts, with one open spot remaining for his treasure. As Scrat pounces to make it fit, the ground suddenly shifts and the tree becomes a giant funnel -- and here the adventure begins -- with brilliant moments of zero-G fun and the possible answer to a question that has plagued scientists for centuries.

The DVD will carry a $29.98 SRP and the VHS is priced at $24.98.

The double-disc special edition DVD also features hours of never-before-seen animation, multiangle scene progression and multiple DVD-ROM and set-top games.

Emulating other studios' recent family title releases, Fox has designed the DVD to offer something for everyone. It will feature six deleted scenes, a "making-of” featurette, commentary from both directors, widescreen and fulls-creen versions of the film, multiangle scene exploration, games for kids and core gamers and much more.

Additional special features include two DVD-ROM games including "Sid Shreds," a snowboarding game starring the movie's characters, and "Super Dodo Ball," a rugby/dodgeball game; printables including ornaments of Ice Age characters, Ice Digest magazine, Ice Age Fun Fact Coloring Book, shoebox theater, “Hanging With The Herd” make-your-own mobile, Ice Age Sub-Zero Heroes Board Game, a 12-month migration calendar; three fun DVD set-top games; the HBO First Look special; six deleted scenes and director Chris Wedge's commentary.

Ice Age will stampede into retail outlets nationwide behind $40 million in hard media advertising and nearly $50 million in promotional activities from Fox and its herd of cross-promotional partners. Television, print, Internet and radio advertising will be begin prestreet, continue through street date, the critical holiday shopping period and well into the New Year, the studio promises.

Partners include Applebee's, Bloomingdale's, Carl's, Jr./Hardees, Coca-Cola/Chevron, Cold Stone Creamery, Day's Inn, Dole, Ian's/Fran's Frozen Foods, Langer's, Microsoft, NHL, Papa Johns, Val Pak and Van De Kamps. A full force publicity campaign will be in effect for the release along with more than 40 point-of-purchase display units for retail outlets.

Ice Age opened with $46.3 million in gross box office. The movie targets families with kids ages 6 to 12, teens and young adults.

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