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Ex-Pumpkin's 'Glass and the Machines of God' Unfolds Online on Screenblast.com

9 Oct, 2001 By: Hive News

Glass and the Machines of God, an interactive project conceived by former Smashing Pumpkins' leader Billy Corgan and currently in production with video director Graham Morris, artist Jim Evans and Sony Digital Entertainment'sScreenblast (www.screenblast.com) unit, is expected to debut on Screenblast by year end.

The project's storyline centers around the lead character Glass, formerly known as Zero and one of the most popular rock stars in history. Bored with the rock 'n' roll game, he's faced with a mysterious event that changes his life.

Glass... and God creators bring the story to life through musical compositions, cutting-edge animation, new digital interactivity and anevolving storyline. The story, which unfolds over 16installments, is told in a nonlinear, nontraditional fashion inviting the audience to discover and explore the layered world and storyarc of Glass and the Machines of God.

"With Glass, the audience enters the experience through theirimagination. They can explore and discover the rich aspects of the storyline by uncovering artifacts and secret messages embedded in the content itself. For example, fans can unlock a password protected URL by downloading a piece of video, importing it into the Screenblast Creation Suiteand then play video backwards to unlock the next chapter of the story," said creative director Jim Evans.

As one of the first original stories to debut on Screenblast's broadband creativity platform, Glass... and God is designed to promote broadband as well as Screenblast.

"Glass and the Machines of God represents the new way for creators to tell their stories to anaudience. It's a powerful example of how the two-way, interactive power of the broadband medium can be used to involve users and bring them into the depth of the story experience," said AndrewSchneider, senior v.p. and g.m. of Screenblast. "Our vision with Screenblast is to bring truly innovative content such as Glass to fans for them to immerse, engage and interact with."

While Glass officially debuts later this year, fans can begin to unlock the secrets now at the Screenblast site.

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