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Europeans Are Buying Off and On (line)

6 Jun, 2002 By: Joan Villa

European Web shoppers also are heavy consumers at retail, spending higher-than-average amounts on all products, but especially entertainment such as CDs, video and books, a new study by Forrester Research concluded.

“It's actually not a bad thing for retailers that consumers shop around at multiple channels,” emphasized the study's author, Reineke Reitsma.

In a recent analysis of European consumers, Forrester found that 50 percent of online shoppers regularly mix online and off-line buying.

Overall, European consumers have moved 4 percent of their spending online, the study found. But entertainment-related products attract a bigger share: 8 percent of video, DVD and games are purchased on the Web, and 17 percent of computer software is bought online.

These multichannel consumers also spend 30 percent more in an average month on all products and 50 percent more on CDs, videos and books. In the past month, more than 60 percent of online buyers also bought these products in a shop or catalog in addition to buying on the Web, Reitsma noted.

Depending on their resident country, consumers make as little as 1 percent of their video purchases online, up to a high of 13 percent. However, online video purchasers also were more likely to boost their overall spending on the category, the study concluded.

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