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In Europe, PS2 Price Drops, Xbox Follows

28 Aug, 2002 By: Brendan Howard

Overseas, the war for video game console superiority is lightning-quick.

Aug. 28 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), a unit of Sony Corp., dropped the European price of the PlayStation to 249 euros ($244.80), from 299 euros. Within the hour, Microsoft dropped the price of its Xbox to 249 euros.

Predictably enough, press releases from both companies emphasized the holiday season.

"The video games industry is more robust than ever this year, and new consoles and games are expected to dominate Christmas wish lists," said Sandy Duncan, VP, Xbox Europe.

"With PlayStation 2 now even better value for money," said SCEE in a press release, "no one has any reason to miss out on the mighty games that'll be available before Christmas."

The price changes take effect Friday.

A Nintendo spokeswoman told Reuters the company has no plans to change the price of its GameCube in Europe, already the lowest-priced console at 199 euros and in second-place in European market share behind Sony's PlayStation 2 and ahead of Microsoft's Xbox.

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