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Entrepreneurs Plan Movie Hall of Fame

12 Aug, 2002 By: Hive News

The Motion Picture Hall of Fame (MPHF) will be established in Los Angeles with a base in New York, Robert Alexander, the venture's president and CEO, announced today.

"The MPHF is to protect and perpetuate the time-honored legacy of the motion picture industry. Our mission includes to honor those who have excelled and had a profound impact on the motion picture industry," he said.

Next year the MPHF will open the doors on a facility planned to include a hands-on archive, educational resource, historic repository, display of memorabilia and exhibits and a screening room that will have lectures, symposiums and screenings of new motion pictures and film classics followed by Q&A sessions with the film's principals.

The MPHF will assemble an honorary board of advisors from industry leaders in 10 different areas of the film community.

Alexander and his executive staff are assembling a design team, corporate sponsors and a blue ribbon honorary committee to debut the project.

"There are various entities around the country and the world that serve some academic function relative to film history," said Alexander. "But nowhere does the public have a true opportunity to interact on an individualized level with moviemaking and its history. That's a void we plan on filling, along with recognizing the many living icons of the industry who are familiar to the public but no longer in the media glare."

Alexander also stated the venture is planning to help studios recruit talent of all kinds. The MPHF will establish relationships with film commissions in American states as well as in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. In its first year, MPHF expects to attract 500,000 visitors. The Hollywood area typically attracts 20 million visitors a year.

Annual memberships will be offered to the public and an annual television special is planned, "substantially different," says Alexander, from other award shows, with a people's choice style vote conducted over the MPHF Web site. Candidates will be nominated by the MPHF Advisory Committee. Each year the MPHF will induct two representatives from each of the following categories: Actor/Actresses, Directors, Writers, Producers and Films.

"People come to Hollywood from all over the world," says Alexander. "Ironically, there are very few authentic Hollywood experiences in the offing. Our studies show that there's an international thirst for this type of venue."

Others involved in the venture include Steve Godwin, Executive VP and General Counsel; Ben Wang, Vice Chairman; Zachary Taylor, Vice Chairman and Senior VP; and COO William Beck.

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