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Entertainment Merchant's Association Calls for Standardized Digital Rights Management

7 Nov, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

The Entertainment Merchant's Association is lining up with the National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) in the debate over digital rights management.

The EMA is backing up its fellows on the music side in the call for a standard, interoperable and compatible DRM solution for digital media files, both video and music.

The music industry's leading digital seller, Apple's iTunes, functions in a closed digital rights system — an iPod user can only download music and video from Apple. Many other download offerings and players, such as Amazon's Unbox, function in the Plays for Sure ecosystem, which is not compatible with the iPod, the most ubiquitous digital video device at this point.

EMA and NARM are both members of the Coral Consortium, a cross-industry group that is promoting interoperability for DRM technologies, which is what content providers rely upon to protect media files from being pirated.

“EMA has long supported use of DRM to strengthen legitimate copyright protection but has opposed the use of DRM to control, restrict or eliminate lawful, non-infringing choices that consumers and retailers currently enjoy,” said EMA president Bo Anderson.

Anderson said the industry need only look to the music example to see that incompatible DRM systems create consumer frustration that is a deterrent to the growth of the legal digital download market.

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