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Enhanced DVD Games in the Can

28 Sep, 2005 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Media agency The Cannery has unveiled proprietary technology it claims makes DVD players more interactive.

Dubbed cEdge, the DVD game engine was first incorporated in the Burbank, Calif.-based company's DVD Who Rules? ($24.95), an interactive game that aims to create a “TV game show environment in your living room,” according to Cannery CEO Doug Textor.

Textor, who hopes to market the technology to packaged media suppliers, said cEdge uses proprietary algorithms embedded in a DVD that enable standard DVD players to overcome what he claims is an inherent design flaw — namely, the inability to offer more than one cycle of questions or options in a game.

“Why do you shuffle a deck of cards? To create randomness,” said Textor. “Because you shuffle the cards, now you have thousands of games you can play with those cards. Randomness is a fundamental behind any board game. [This technology] opens up the DVD player to be a better media-oriented gaming engine.”

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