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Emmy Winners Launch 'quarterlife' Series on MySpace

13 Sep, 2007 By: Billy Gil


The talent behind “My So-Called Life,” “thirtysomething” and Blood Diamond have a new online series on MySpaceTV.

Nov. 11 “quarterlife,” from creators Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, will premiere on www.myspacetv.com. The series, which consists of 36 eight-minute episodes, is notable for being produced by TV and film talent specifically for the Internet.

“This is the most exciting project I've worked on in a very long time, and part of that is the level of creative autonomy we can have on the Internet,” Herskovitz said. “For better or worse, ‘quarterlife' is truly our own vision.”

Zwick added: “The business of television today makes it harder for the individual filmmaker's voice to be heard. That voice has been our calling card for more than 20 years, and working with MySpace gives us a chance to speak it.”

The series is something of a “twentysomething” as it tells the stories of six creative people in their twenties — a videoblogger, two filmmakers, an actress, a geek and a girl who hasn't yet cut the cord to her parents.

“When Emmy award-winning producers come to MySpaceTV — you know this is reaching a whole new level,” said Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace.

MySpaceTV will create a “quarterlife” video channel and MySpace profile page with character descriptions, behind-the-scenes footage and storyline secrets. A trailer is now available at the site.

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