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Eisner Gives MySpace 'Prom' Exclusive

29 Mar, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

MySpace.com, the social networking site owned by media giant News Corp., which also owns 20th Century Fox Entertainment, April 1 will debut “Prom Queen,” a scriptedserialized mystery produced by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner's new independent production studio Vuguru.

Under terms of the partnership, MySpace will have a 12-hour window of exclusivity for each 90-second “Prom” episode before it is released on other sites, including Vuguru.com.

To attract the desired female teen demo, the 80-episode, ad-supported serial (www.promqueentv.com) includes electronic commerce links with ELLEgirl.com and StarStyle.com — the latter offering apparel from Victoria's Secret, Jessica McClintock, People Liberation and HotKiss.

Additional video distribution of Prom Queen is available (beginning April 2) at YouTube and Veoh — the latter a video-networking site backed by Eisner.

“Prom Queen has the potential to be a break-out hit on MySpace,” said Chris DeWolfe, CEO and co-founder of MySpace. “Video is a cultural cornerstone for the MySpace community — it's a huge part of how our users express themselves and discover pop culture.”

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