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Eating for Life

11 Oct, 2005 By: Jessica Wolf

Going raw. It's easier and tastier than it may sound, according to chef Matt Amsden, who is featured on the new DVD Raw: The Living Food Diet, part of the “DVD Chef” series from Freepoint Entertainment.

Amsden “went raw” more than 10 years ago, literally overnight, and he's never looked back, he said. In fact, he said, while he's met plenty of people who are former vegetarians or former vegans, he's encountered very few former raw food proponents. The lifestyle usually sticks, Amsden said.

“Once you get all those foods out of your system, you don't even crave them anymore,” he said.

Even just adding a salad to every meal is a great start, he said.

Amsden is also the founder of RAWvolution, a company that prepares and delivers raw food meals. A service like that is a great way to get into the raw lifestyle, Amsden said. But anyone thinking about shifting to the vegan, no-cooking diet would do well to start with a little information, like the materials available in health food stores and, now, on this DVD.

The program is in two parts. The first features testimonials and stories from real people who “went raw.” They talk about their reasons for the dietary change and the positive effects it has had on their physical and mental well-being.

Dietitians and physicians also explain how uncooked food retains nutrients, the way the body metabolizes raw food, and they discuss the myriad of non-meat protein sources that are easy to include in a raw diet.

“I'm very glad they included that part,” Amsden said. “That's one of the first things people are concerned about when they decide to go raw.”

The second part of the DVD program is a 50-minute demonstration segment. Chefs prepare sample dishes of recipes that appear on the screen. Viewers can watch the prep in full-view with the angle button on the DVD remote.

The DVD also comes with a recipe booklet for six raw dishes: living food pizza, tomato herb soup, wintergreen salad, raw California rolls, green cheese wraps and walnut apple cookies.

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