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Earthlink and GameStop Team

22 May, 2002 By: Holly J. Wagner

Internet service provider (ISP) EarthLink and video game specialty retailer GameStop Corp. have teamed to entice GameStop customers to sign up for Earthlink Internet access. distributing EarthLink shaerware throughout GameStop's1,000-plus stores.

New Earthlink subscribers can get a $100 GameStop gift certificate with a six-month commitment to the ISP, and the companies will use cobranded CD-ROMs and countertop displays in GameStop, FuncoLand, Software Etc. and Babbage's stores across 49 states and the District of Columbia.

"By teaming with GameStop, we're able to tap a large group of computer- savvy individuals who demand quality products and services – an attractive forum for distributing our award-winning Internet access," said John Kortier, EarthLink's VP of channel sales.

"For many of our customers, especially gaming enthusiasts, the Internet plays a central role in gaming interaction," said Dan DeMatteo, GameStop's president and COO. "In that respect, EarthLink Internet access is a great addition to the products and services that make GameStop a major shopping destination for gamers and Internet enthusiasts."

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