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E3 UPDATE: It's Possible, But There Are No HD Purchases on PlayStation Video Store

17 Jul, 2008 By: John Gaudiosi

LOS ANGELES — HD movie purchases are possible through Sony's new PlayStation Video Store, but Hollywood studios are not allowing any HD purchases through the Internet, according to Grace Chen, senior manager of the PlayStation Store.

Consumers can rent movies in HD through Sony's new service, but they can only purchase them in standard definition. A two-hour HD movie takes up about 5GB to 7GB of space, while a standard definition movie runs between 2.5GB and 3GB of storage space.

A live version of the new store was running at Sony's Gamer's Lounge at the Los Angeles Convention Center. TV networks onboard for launch included: A&E, Adult Swim, Discovery Channel, Fox, FX, History Channel, Military Channel, Sony Pictures TV, TLC and Tru TV. Programming included everything from “Family Guy” to “Mindfreak” to “World's Deadliest Catch.”

Chen said additional networks will come on board throughout the year and new shows will be added weekly. While episodes are currently only sold individually, Chen said there are plans to release entire seasons of shows in the near future.

Unlike Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace service, gamers will not be able to download a TV show multiple times. Chen said because PlayStation 3 has plenty of hard drive disc space, consumers shouldn't run out of storage space. Microsoft allows consumers to erase and re-download any purchased content.

Chen said additional original shows are in production at Sony Computer Entertainment. The first show, an original anime called “Xam'd,” has 26 episodes that are being released exclusively on PlayStation Network each week. The show costs $2.99 per episode for SD and $3.99 for HD and is produced by Bones. Sony is also producing a weekly behind-the-scenes half-hour gaming magazine show called “Qore.”

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