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E3: GameCube Hybrid to Play DVDs

17 May, 2001 By: David Ward

Game news coming out of E3 took an interesting twist in Japan last week when Matsushita, parent company of Panasonic, announced it was bringing a DVD-movie playing, hybrid version of the Nintendo GameCube to theJapanese market this fall.

The silver square box-shaped system will be released shortly after the GameCube’s September launch in Japan and sometime after April 2002 inthe United States.

The new machine, which has not yet been priced, will play 3.15-inch CDs of GameCube titles and also enable consumers to listen to CDs as well as watch DVD movies.

“Our hybrid digital audio-visual product will be superior to the PlayStation 2,” Fumio Otsuba, Matsushita’s managing director said in a statement.

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