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DVD's New Order

19 Aug, 2005 By: Holly J. Wagner

Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center

With home DVD collections busting out of bookshelves all over America, several services and software applications have sprung up to help DVD enthusiasts track and manage their collections.

Most of the applications handle many of the same functions. They let the user create a database of their DVDs, import varying levels of product information, display the information in a variety of sort formats and launch play from the list.

• Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center has a plug-in management application called DVD Collection. Users enter the titles of their DVDs and are able to import product information, box art and trailers into their databases from All Movie Guide.

• DVD Profiler is a third-party collection management application from Intervocative. Users simply enter the UPC codes from their discs and the software retrieves the information. This application also works by inserting discs into the computer's DVD-ROM drive and letting the program read the information directly from the discs.

• For palmtop devices, pocketgear.com offers an Organizer Bundle of 35 Excel templates designed to manage all sorts of collections, including DVDs, from a palmtop device.

• Also for the mobile user is My DVD Collection, freeware which runs on Windows Mobile 5.0. It works with compatible smartphone and Pocket PC programs.

• Delicious Library lets Mac users with Webcams scan in the bar codes to generate the database information. The features are much the same as the PC applications, but are adapted to Macs.

•Softpedia also offers an application for Macs called DVD Sphere. It lets users create databases of their collections, track what is in and what has been lent, and even create reminders for new titles coming out.

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