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DVDs In Unexpected Places

22 Mar, 2002 By: Holly J. Wagner

It's not just DVD players that are turning up everywhere. Software, too is getting easier to find in some unexpected places.

DVD is emerging as the disc-shaped superhero of the record industry, with more and more music stores relying on video to shore up weak CD sales.

A North Hollywood, Calif. company called Virtual Concepts is hoping the studios embrace its new device, the Cinemachine, which vends disc media with the swipe of a credit or debit card. The company is targeting movie theaters to use it to sell related films, like selling DVDs of The Mummy to audiences seeing The Scorpion King this summer. Virtual Concepts executives are also pitching theme parks and don't be surprised if these start showing up in airports right next to the shop that rents DVD players by the flight.

DVD may even start turning up in mailboxes. Advertisers – the kind that promise "no salesman will visit you, we'll send you our video" – start offering their pitches on DVD alongside tape. The medium has become so popular that the Digital Media Marketing Organization (DMMO) teamed with Adweek and Brandweek magazines to publish a 24-page insert devoted to it July 15, complete with a D-zine sporting former Columbia Pictures' former Worldwide Marketing chairman Peter Sealy as narrator. "The DVD will share how major consumer brands apply digital marketing techniques, as well as how businesses of any size can launch their own DVD, CD-ROM and Video campaigns to grow market share," the organizers promise.

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