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DVDPlay Offers Sony Blu-rays in Kiosks

28 May, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

DVDPlay broke new ground May 28, announcing it would begin offering Blu-ray Disc titles in its kiosks starting in June.

“The focus of this strategic decision is to prepare for the long term success and sustainability of the kiosk and ultimately give consumers what they want. We have an extremely adaptable product,” said DVDPlay CEO and chairman Chuck Berger. “Recognizing the mainstream adoption of Blu-ray and offering it to our customers is something we were able to turnaround quickly.”

The trial run will start in Northern and Southern California, Denver, and the Great Lakes area. The first Blu-ray titles available will be from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, with Untraceable and Men in Black popping up first. If the trial works in those areas with Sony Blu-rays, Berger said “we'll expand to all studios.”

Perhaps most important is that the rental cost for a Blu-ray will be the same as a DVD: $1.49. But Berger said that might not last.

“If we see [success] we might revisit [the price], because it does cost us more to stock them,” Berger said.

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