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DVD's on the List, Retailers Make Shopping It Easy

14 Dec, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

Walking past a Southern California Best Buy location last week with checkout lines snaking around the store's registers early in the afternoon, it was easy to see that DVD ranks high with shoppers. Nearly every person in line was holding one or more of the latest DVD releases.

The same was true at visits to nearby Costco, Target and Wal-Mart locations, where DVD sections were heavily populated and the stock well perused. Retailers are, as usual, using the buying season to highlight the bounty of holiday-themed titles in their weekly flyers and decorative merchandisers in the stores. But, even holiday-themed merchandisers were stocked last week with a selection of new, high-profile releases, targeting shoppers looking to build a library or wrap up the hottest new DVD.

For folks still clinging to their VCR, Best Buy and MGM have made the first step to digital an easy one. A merchandiser set up in the middle of last week's Best Buy location offered shoppers (while supplies last) a free Argus Electronics Cyberhome DVD player with the purchase of a specially packaged set of MGM special-edition DVDs -- Bull Durham, The Graduate, Mad Max, The Terminator, Rocky, The Usual Suspects, The Thomas Crown Affair and The Magnificent Seven -- priced at $124.99.

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