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DVD Stream Site Dark on MPAA Demand

27 Apr, 2004 By: Holly J. Wagner

DVDStreamer.com has gone dark following the Motion Picture Association of America's (MPAA) notice to the site's Internet service provider (ISP) that the site was violating studio copyrights.

“Although DVDStreamer contends that its model of individual DVD rental and remote viewing fully complies with both Title 17 copyright and the DMCA [Digital Millennium copyright Act], we have nevertheless decided to comply with the MPAA's demands,” a notice posted on the site reads. “This decision is based on DVDStreamer's lack of available funds to take on the MPAA in court at this time. DVDStreamer hopes to return in the near future when resources can be obtained to defend our legal position.”

The site, which came to light in a Video Store Magazine cover story (April 18-24) offered to let subscribers stream unlimited films from DVDStreamer's DVD library to their computers for $15 a month.

But critics immediately questioned whether the site's business violated copyright laws. The MPAA sent a request to the ISP and DVDStreamer seeking to have the site taken down.

“We only do this when it is clear to us that a company is in violation of copyright law,” an MPAA spokesman said.

He recommended that consumers who paid DVDStreamer for access visit the MPAA's informational site, respectcopyrights.org, to understand copyright law and find links to legal Internet movie sites including Movielink, Cinemanow and Netflix.

“It's unfortunate that some consumers were led to believe this was legal and paid for DVDStreamer.com,” he said.

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