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DVD Shoppers Say Goodbye and Hello to Favorite TV Shows

6 Mar, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

It looks like Target has a bit of an edge over the retail competition when it comes to “Friends” lovers who may want to own all things “Friend”-ly on DVD as the show marches toward its final episode.

Displayed prominently on a boxed-set endcap at a Costa Mesa, Calif., Target location last week was the Ultimate Friends Party Kit.

Stickered on the set with bright lettering was “Target Exclusive.”

The pack includes everything a “Friends” viewer might want to host a viewing party for the longlasting comedy. Shrinkwrapped and fitted snugly into a specially designed “Friends” beverage service tray is a DVD that includes several party-themed episodes, including “The One Where They All Turn 30.”

Packaged with the DVD is a CD of party music, a CD-ROM with materials and instructions to send out e-mail invitations for a “Friends” viewing party, and some specially packaged “Friends” coffee. The set is $29.99.

Meanwhile, a TV show long gone from the airwaves is making its way to video shelves. As the Starsky and Hutch movie starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson hit theaters last weekend, Starsky and Hutch: The Complete First Season began making the rounds on DVD shelves at retail last week. A Best Buy circular for the region tagged the title and tied it in with other sale-priced DVDs like Zoolander, The Royal Tenenbaums and Swingers.

Target stocked plenty on an endcap, and one interested shopper grabbed one, and then laughed when he realized he'd mistaken the cover art of the classic TV series for a photo of Stiller and Wilson decked out in their 1970s garb.

A Barnes & Noble shopper asked the clerk to see a copy of the set stocked behind the counter, but balked at the $49.99 price point, saying “My boyfriend can just buy it himself.”

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