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DVD PREVIEW: Writer/Director&#39;s DVD Plans No <I>Secret</I>

19 Mar, 2004 By: Fred Topel

Though Columbia Pictures' Secret Window just opened in theaters March 12, writer/director David Koepp has already finished producing DVD content for the eventual video release.

Koepp said there are deleted scenes, an audio commentary and special effects featurettes that may appear on the DVD. The film stars Johnny Depp as a writer stalked by someone who claims he stole his story. By the end, he suffers a mental breakdown, imagining his house splitting in half and sharing scenes with another Johnny Depp engaging in conversation as the two parts of the character's brain.

“I just thought it would be interesting to see the challenge that he had as an actor playing that stuff without anything there to react to except a little smiley button on the end of a C-stand,” Koepp said. “So I put in the greenscreen shots before we added all the other stuff to give you an interesting look at how he had to play a really dramatic scene. And I also included the animatics, which are our 3-D computer-generated storyboards of the effects sequences.”

The commentary track is David Koepp alone. He didn't need any company to share his stories about the production. “There's enough to say. When you write and direct a movie, you've got plenty to say,” he said.

Though the film was based on the Stephen King novella Secret Window, Secret Garden, Koepp said none of the deleted scenes are excerpts from the book. “[It's] stuff you'd never miss,” he said. “There's one scene when he goes to the diner that I had a longer version of, which was funny, but it was funny and too long in the wrong place, so that came out.”

As a filmmaker, Koepp likes to know that there are DVD fans out there who crave these sorts of extras. “I think it adds another layer of work, but it's fun because I'm glad people are interested in this stuff,” he said. “You do take some comfort in saying, ‘Well, you know what? I'll put that in the DVD,' because you know that there's another place where something important to you can be seen.”

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