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DVD Preview: ‘Spidey 2' Director Making New FX for ‘2.5' DVD

25 Oct, 2004 By: Fred Topel

Director Sam Raimi mentioned plans for a Spider-Man 2.5 while promoting the theatrical release of Spider-Man 2. Now that Spider-Man 2 has a street date of Nov. 30 (prebook Oct. 28), Raimi is hard at work on the extended cut,which he expects to finish in January or February.

The director is working on new visual-effects shots, storyboarding and editing.

“I'm kind of completing scenes that I didn't have the money to complete when we did the movie,” Raimi said. “I board out with my artists a lot of sequences in the ‘Spider-Man' movies that I eventually cut down for pacing's sake — most often for money's sake; I can't afford them.

“Now, Sony said to me, ‘Oh, we want to release a 2.5, because they want to make more money. It's not really that I had some scenes to put in. I mean, the movie really was the best I could make it. It's not like I think I could make it better, but I said, ‘OK, well, if you want to spend money and really give the kids a few more action scenes, OK. That's fine. It's the kids' choice if they want to spend that money.’

Some of the film's key fights between Spidey and Doc Ock will feature a few seconds more of fisticuffs, particularly on the side of the building and on the speeding train.

“It may not seem like a lot to you, but it's a lot to me,” Raimi said. “There's like six seconds new of the train ... eight seconds new of some water fight you never saw ... 12 seconds new on this battle building. For me, though, 12 seconds is six shots that all have to be figured out — and within that two seconds, the amount of animation of each of those tentacles and how Spidey's going to move. It's very complicated for me.”

Extra footage work aside, Raimi is still excited about the DVD release.

“I've supervised, along with my editor, Bob Murawski, the transfer of [the film], did the pan-and-scans in all different formats ourselves,” Raimi said. “I had a tremendous amount of input in all of these featurettes that are included with the Spider-Man 2 DVD, and there's a tremendous job that Sony did.

“There are eight hours of material on the making of the movie, how the costumes were put together, how the design phase went over the course of the film, how the effects were done. They really did a tremendously intricate study of how that movie was put together,” Raimi said.

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