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DVD Preview: ‘Robots' Director Plans Special Cut

29 Mar, 2005 By: Fred Topel

Family friendly computer animated film Robots is the second success in a row for Blue Sky Studios and director Chris Wedge. However, despite the youth-skewing appeal of the digital cartoon, Wedge hopes to eventually release a more adult version of the film as a “director's cut” on DVD.

“I was going to do a director's cut one of these days,” Wedge said. “It won't be on the first [release], but I actually want to put some things back that we took out. We thought at one point the movie was going to be too long, so we cut some stuff out that I want to put back now.”

Wedge does not anticipate a longer running time, as some of the new footage would actually replace scenes from the existing film.

“My director's cut is a little darker than what's out there right now,” he said.

The darker cut was never submitted to the Motion Picture Association of America for a rating, as the filmmakers always intended to make a ‘PG' film for theaters.

“This was part of the whole preview process as we tuned the film for audiences,” he said. “This is some of the stuff that fell by the wayside.”

Robots fans can still expect to see some deleted material on the DVD release of the theatrical film, as many of the omissions would not be utilized in the eventual director's cut.

“There are probably some scenes that I won't cut back in, and those will be on the [first] DVD — entire scenes that we cut just because we thought it wasn't helping the story,” Wedge said.

With Robin Williams playing the wackiest robot, Fender, there is no shortage of improvisational bits that could end up as DVD extras. However, Wedge is not looking forward to creating new animation for those deletions.

“There's 25 hours of Robin material,” Wedge said. “I don't know if I want to animate all of that.”

Unfortunately, there is no behind-the-scenes video of Williams' sessions. “Actually, we didn't shoot him. Sometimes we do that for the animators, but we didn't do that with Robin,” Wedge said.

Some other miscellaneous possibilities for DVD extras include, test material used to sell the concept to the studio, tests for the characters, sight gags and physical gags.

Robots is now playing in theaters.

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