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DVD PREVIEW: <I>Hidalgo</I> Director Says Film&#39;s the Thing on DVD

10 Mar, 2004 By: Fred Topel

Joe Johnston, director of Touchstone Pictures' theatrical release Hidalgo, knows that people are expecting bonus features when the film eventually races onto DVD, but if he includes any extras, he wants to make sure they only support the film-viewing experience.

“I think that the film really has to sort of stand for itself,” Johnston said. “I know that people are genuinely interested in knowing that stuff, and so I enjoy putting it together. But I don't want it to detract from enjoying the film.”

He questions the relevance of certain post-production reflections. “The extra features I watch are not the behind the scenes. They're the pre-production,” he said. “I want to know how you planned to do something or what was done. I don't want to hear an explanation of why you did something, because most of that is instinct.’

That said, Johnston would prefer not to sit in a commentary session alone and ramble. He'd rather record a commentary with the cast and crew. “When you have a group watching the film, talking about things, you get different opinions of what happened, and you get a different take on things,” he said.

Hidalgo, the story of an American cowboy embarking on a 3,000-mile race in the Arabian desert, stars Viggo Mortensen.

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