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DVD Preview: 'Crashers' DVD Will Include More Laughs

28 Jul, 2005 By: Fred Topel

More laughs will come on DVD from theatrical hit Wedding Crashers.

With a running time of nearly two hours, Wedding Crashers already pushes the boundaries in a genre with a standard of 90 minutes. Director David Dobkin had to cut out further complications in Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn's scheme to pose as wedding guests to seduce single women. He hopes to include them on the film's DVD.

“The movie was on the verge of being too long, so it couldn't take another scene, no matter how funny,” Dobkin said. “And there are some very funny scenes that got cut out of the movie.”

Among those is a scene where Vaughn's character has to suddenly pretend to be a deaf mute (scuba diving accident) at one particular wedding in order to avoid being confronted by a woman who he seduced at a previous wedding.

More deleted material comes from late in the movie when Wilson's character goes back to crashing weddings after he loses his love interest.

“Owen had a lot of comedy that I had to really pull out of the movie because if you don't start believing that he's pining for the girl, that he has a real emotion behind it and it's not something to be joking around about, then there's no weight to the movie,” Dobkin said.

He said he plans to include 11 deleted scenes in the supplemental features of the film's eventual DVD. However, he also has plans for an unrated cut that would reincorporate several scenes back into the movie.

“There are three or four scenes that really do add to the story, or it's just a different way of looking at the movie,” he said.

Wedding Crashers already carries an ‘R' rating for nudity and sexual humor, but Dobkin would not reveal what other raunchy tidbits could make the film “unrated.”

“Well, you'll just have to wait and see,” he teased.

The director also assembled a gag reel that he may include on the DVD, but chose not to include at the end of the film out of respect for his previous collaborator, Jackie Chan, who includes outtakes at the end of his films.

“Having done a Jackie Chan film, I really feel like it's his territory,” he said. “Everyone's riding that thing, but we have really, really fun outtakes for the DVD. There's a four-minute-long [collection].”

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