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DVD Players More Prevalent than VHS in U.S. Households

19 Dec, 2006 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Proof has finally come that DVD has, in fact, entered the mature phase. On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the format's March 1997 launch, a new study shows that more U.S. households now own DVD players than VCRs.

As of the third quarter of this year, 81.2% of all households have at least one DVD player, while 79.2% of households have a VCR, according to Nielsen Media Research's Third Quarter Home Technology Report.

DVD penetration is up 6% from the previous year and continues to grow, according to Nielsen, while VCR penetration is declining. In 1999, when Nielsen first began tracking DVD ownership, DVD penetration stood at 6.7%, while 88.6% of all U.S. households had VCRs.

The Nielsen report also found that DVD households rent DVDs about twice a month, while VCR households only rent videocassettes once a month.

The Home Technology Report also found that 73.4% of U.S. homes have a computer, 26.7% own or rent an MP3 player, and 16.4% have a PDA. Of consumers with Internet access, 95.4% go online at least once a day, 37.3% go online more than once a day, 78.2% have made purchases over the Internet and 46.8% have used the Internet to download or stream music.

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