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DVD Piracy Decried in Ireland

16 Mar, 2005 By: Brendan Howard

An organization representing Irish film and video industry heads is echoing its U.S. counterparts in calling for stricter court fines and penalties against the makers and sellers of counterfeit DVDs, according to the Web site Ireland On-Line.

“[Pirates] are inflicting a serious blow to the Irish film and video industry, jobs and economy,” said Brian Finegan, secretary general of the Irish National Federation Against Copyright Theft (INFACT). “To ensure the viability of the home entertainment industry, we must see existing legislation enforced and realistic penalties imposed to combat the lucrative cancer being perpetrated on the consumer.”

INFACT told Ireland's national parliament (Oireachtas) that the equivalent of 64 percent of total industry revenue is lost to pirates each year, according to the story. The organization also said the pirates likely have links to organized crime and possibly international gangs.

“They're not pussycats,” Finegan said. “It used to be a case of a few individuals trying to put a few quid in their hip pocket … Now they're arming themselves when they need to.”

INFACT was set up in the early 1990s and has since assisted authorities in more than 3,000 raids, according to the story.

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