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DVD Owners More Likely to Own Games

29 Aug, 2002 By: Judith McCourt

DVD households are almost twice as likely to own video games as VHS households, proving once again that DVD owners are entertainment enthusiasts.

What's more, game players are more likely to value DVD special features than non-gamers.

These are two findings in a recent exclusive study of 900 U.S. households conducted by Video Store Magazine market research.

A whopping 64 percent of DVD households said they own one or more game platforms. By comparison, just 35 percent of VHS-only households said they are gamers. This gap will likely widen as the next wave of DVD owners embraces the format.

Households with games are more likely to be considering the purchase of a DVD player in the next 12 months than those that do not own them.

Twenty-five percent of U.S. households said they are considering the purchase of a DVD player in the next 12 months, but that number jumped to 34 percent for households that have games.

If the new wave of owners embraces the special features the way current owners do, the popularity of game and interactive features will rise. Just under half of game owners said game and interactive features are an important DVD purchasing criterion, compared with 33 percent of non-game owners.Game owners are more passionate about DVD special features. The overall percentage of game households that use the special features is higher than non-game households, 71 percent versus 58 percent.

Deleted scenes are the overall favorite for this group, as 88 percent said deleted scenes were an important consideration in making a DVD purchase. By comparison, 70 percent of non-game owners rated deleted scenes as an important consideration. Game owners were also more likely to value Web links than their non-gaming counterparts. Thirty-two percent of game owners said they are important to them, compared with 28 percent of non-game owners.

When it comes to game formats, game owners think in multiples. Although game households are snapping up the new platforms, they are reluctant to retire earlier platforms when new ones emerge. PlayStation is the most popular format for those that own DVD players, with 27 percent of game owning households saying their home entertainment options include it. PlayStation 2 was just a notch behind, with almost one-quarter of game households owning the platform. Of the Nintendo suite of products, Nintendo 64 topped the list, with 18 percent of game households saying they have one, and 11 percent saying they own Super Nintendo.PlayStation also is the most popular platform with VHS-only households, with 16 percent of them owning one. PC games placed second, with 14 percent penetration.

The latest formats — GameCube and Xbox — trail the pack as part of the home entertainment suite. Xbox has yet to gain a hold with either DVD or VHS game owners, with the number standing at 4 percent and a scant 1 percent, respectively. GameCube has found a place in 3 percent of DVD game households and 1 percent of VHS game households.

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