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DVD-Only Episode for 'My Name Is Earl'

15 Jun, 2006 By: Fred Topel

Ethan Suplee (L) also does DVD commentary with star Jason Lee.

Unaired episodes of canceled shows making their way onto DVD is nothing new.

Now comes “My Name Is Earl,” the complete first season of which will arrive on DVD Sept. 26 (prebook Aug. 30) with an entirely new episode created specifically for the DVD.

The episode is actually an alternate to the pilot, and finds Earl not repenting for his misdeeds. Instead, he decides to get back at anyone who's ever wronged him.

In the actual series, Earl follows his list of bad deeds and rights a wrong each week.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is releasing the four-disc DVD set ($49.98), just before the second season begins on NBC.

Ethan Suplee, who plays Earl's brother Randy, said the bonus episode took four additional days to shoot.

“It wasn't quite a five-day week,” he said.

Since the extra episode will appear only on DVD, producers had a little more freedom, Suplee said.

“We got to play around a bit with it,” he said. “There's some funky stuff in there. I don't think we said f*ck or anything like that, but I definitely don't think you could air it on television.”

In addition to the bonus episode, extras on the “Earl” set include commentaries, deleted scenes, a featurette and a blooper reel.

Suplee would like to see more unaired gags.

“I'm pushing for an entire disc of bloopers, because I always feel like they don't put enough in,” he said. “We mess up at least once on every take — a lot of teabag moments, too, a lot of dry-humping going on. At the wrap party, I was terrified and had to get my kids out of there before the gag reel aired, and that was only 13 minutes long. Just the language alone is awful.”

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