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DVD Makes Director's Mission Possible

19 Aug, 2004 By: Holly J. Wagner

“Alias” director J.J. Abrams got a job directing the upcoming Mission Impossible 3 because he demonstrated his skill to Tom Cruise with DVDs from the series.

Animator Eric Goldberg got Robin Williams to voice the Genie in Aladdin by animating the character performing some of Williams' work from a comedy album and showing him how the Genie would look doing his shtick.

Fans of some of the properties due out this fall from Buena Vista Home Entertainment and media heard these and more anecdotes at a presentation touting the fall DVD slate.Alan Menken wrote songs for an Aladdin story that included the character's mother, then had to drop songs when she was written out.

“It's amazing how that happens — one day you get a call and they say, ‘the story changed,' like an avalanche,” he said. But “American Idol” darling Clay Aiken sings the song for Aladdin's mother, “Proud of Your Boy,” on the double-disc set of the title due Oct. 5, which will also include a Robin Leach-narrated tour of the Genie's lamp.Self-effacing Kevin Smith did a riff bordering on contempt about the success of his Jay and Silent Bob characters, and the relative failure of the ill-fated Ben Affleck comedy Jersey Girl, which will be released Sept. 7, alongside the 10th anniversary version of Clerks, titled Clerks X.

“Please pimp my movie, because it's the only one I've done that's in profit, and I get paid on the back end,” he said.

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