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DVD Magazines Dive Into Hardcore Genres

9 Mar, 2005 By: Jessica Wolf

Two new music-based DVD “magazines” are hitting the street this month, getting down and dirty with the punk, indie, metal and rap music worlds.

Music Video Distributors March 29 launches Video Archive for the Ages: Vol. 1, in partnership with AMP Magazine.

Like a magazine, each DVD volume will include interviews and stories in addition to compilations, shorts and music videos.

MVD's new series will archive music videos from bands like Agnostic Front, The Briefs, Every Time I Die, The Explosion, Heaven Shall Burn and many more.

“These are the most influential bands in the punk, indie and metal worlds,” said Brett Matthews, owner of AMP Magazine. “They have collectively sold well over a million records and are at the forefront of their genres.” Matthews expects the star power of the bands, along with aggressive promotion and pricing, should make the DVD series a success with fans.

The second volume of the “Video Archive” series should arrive in the fourth quarter with subsequent releases to follow. The compilations are presented in 5.1 Surround Sound and are priced at $19.98 each.

Another DVD “zine,” this one from Vision Plant Pictures, in conjunction with Czar Entertainment arrives March 3, with The Infamous Times Vol. 1: The Original 50 Cent.

This series will chronicle the nation's most reputed street figures and most notorious neighborhoods, set to a pulse-pounding rap and hip-hop soundtrack.

The debut installment focuses on the story of a brutal Brooklyn drug-dealer/all around criminal Kelvin “50 Cent” Martin. If the name sounds familiar, it's because it is. Rap superstar 50 Cent took his moniker from the real-life Martin.

But the series won't glamorize the “rap” lifestyle, producers say. Rather, it will enlighten fans and youth about the hazards of street life with a “Dateline NBC” or “20/20”sensibility.

“We are taking everybody to task, the politicians, the parents, the young generation,” said producer Tone Boots, also producer of MTV's “Direct Effect.”

Upcoming volumes of The Infamous Times will highlight infamous characters, illicit institutions and dangerous locales from Chicago to Compton, Calif., and all across the nation, producers said.

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