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DVD Buyers, Gamers, Resolution-Makers Find Plenty on Shelves

1 Jan, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

Electronics shoppers were out in force the week after Christmas, weaving long lines at the return counters and gathering up DVD purchases by the armload.

Best Buy shoppers rifled through stacks of yet-to-be shelved titles, and big-ticket items like the Alien Quadrilogy and The Two Towers Extended Edition Gift Set got plenty of eye-catching shelf space.

A nearby Fry's Electronics capitalized on the idea that more than a few folks got new DVD players as holiday gifts, offering an attractive $15.99 special sale price on hot DVD hits like Two Towers (theatrical version), The Matrix Reloaded and Pirates of the Caribbean. Shelftalkers peppered throughout the store's action section touted a $14.99 deal on DVD-library-building titles like Collateral Damage, Training Day, The Professional, Windtalkers, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai and Beverly Hills Cop III. Fry's and Best Buy greeted shoppers with extensive game merchandising, with plenty of software, hardware and accessories populating high-traffic areas.

Down the road at Target, tapping into the New-Year's-resolution shopper, the store launched a “Refuel, Reenergize, Recharge” merchandising campaign, with fitness videos and accessories a major component. Stocked alongside a variety of Yoga and Pilates titles and accompanying fitness accessories was an assortment of workout gear, vitamins, health food and bottled water.

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