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Dutch Company Launches New File Sharing Site

24 Feb, 2003 By: Hive News

Dutch Internet services company PGR BV has launched The Honest Thief, a new file sharing service based in the Netherlands.

In a joint effort with a consortium of legal experts, The Honest Thief is beta testing new business software to be licensed to file-sharing providers, anticipating a rollout in the second quarter. The company Web site went public Feb. 21 at thehonestthief.com, making the company the first Dutch company to take advantage of a March 2002 Dutch appeals court ruling that paved the way for the Netherlands to become the world's first legal haven for file sharing companies.

On, 2002 judges from the Gerechtshof in Amsterdam, An appeals court, ruled last March 28 that users of Kazaa are illegally infringing upon copyrights, though Kazaa itself is not, because a device cannot own a copyright or choose to legally or illegally download a file.

According to Nielsen/NetRatings, 13 million Americans and 6.4 million people in Europe visited Kazaa's Web site last October. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) claims 99 percent of all music files exchanged on the net are illegal and that last May there were about 500 million files available for copying at any one time.

"Call it file sharing or shoplifting, here in Holland we call it good business," said Pieter Plass, founder of The Honest Thief. "We Dutch are a free-thinking people and we've never been the type to legislate morality. With our file sharing service and our new software, we hope The Honest Thief will become to file sharing what the Swiss are to banking."

Based in the Netherlands, PGR BV is a young company primarily focused on Internet management services.

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