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Dudesons Take DVD to New Extremes

7 Jun, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Long before MTV's “Jackass” bad-boy crew led by Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville made putting oneself in mortal danger and putting it on film a highly profitable pastime, there was a group of friends in Finland doing the same thing.

They call themselves “The Dudesons,” and they are coming to DVD July 11 from Destroy Entertainment with The Dudesons Movie.

This freaky foursome performs their extreme antics in the extreme weather of the Arctic Circle. The Dudesons are Jarppi “The Daredevil,” Jukka “The Showman,” HP “The Bonebreaker,” and Jarno “The Mastermind.” Not to be left out is the group's 500-pound, transsexual pet pig Britney.

In their movie premiere, The Dudesons cause mayhem with perilous car stunts, start a full-blown war against their evil neighbor Mr. Hitler and accidentally burn down their home–and this is all just the beginning.

“Jackass alumni” Steve-O and Bam Margera from MTV's “Viva la Bam” make guest appearances too.

“We're taking The Dudesons to DVD almost simultaneously as they debut on SPIKE TV,” said Eric Boyd, CEO of Destroy Entertainment. “Their antics speak for themselves and The Dudesons are the real deal.”

DVD extras include a commentary track with The Dudesons.

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