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DreamWorks Will <I>Report</I> Dec. 17

18 Sep, 2002 By: Hive News

DreamWorks Home Entertainment's sci-fi thriller Minority Report hits shelves Dec. 17. The $130 million blockbuster is priced to own on DVD (prebook Nov. 5) at $19.95 minimum advertised price and priced to rent on VHS (prebook Nov. 19).

The film was directed by Steven Spielberg and starred Tom Cruise as a police officer in a precognition department responsible for catching criminals before they commit crimes. Unfortunately for Cruise's character, he's soon framed by someone powerful and on the run to clear his name.The DVD will be available in widescreen or pan-and-scan and feature plenty of extras, as a special features crew was on hand from the first day of filming to capture footage for the DVD release. Special features will include:

  • "Minority Report: From Story to Screen" -- featuring Spielberg recounting how he approached the characters and storyline

  • "Deconstructing Minority Report" -- about the think tank formed by Spielberg to image the near-future setting of the film

  • "The Stunts of Minority Report" -- showing off the mixture of computer animation and live-action stunts by Cruise (many of which he performed himself)

  • "ILM and Minority Report" -- about the involvement of the fabled Industrial Light and Magic crew in creating the visual effects

  • "Final Report" -- in which Cruise and Spielberg talk about how the film changed their working relationship and how its story line challenged the way they think about life and the near future

  • "Minority Report Archives" -- a virtual gallery of storyboard sequences, original illustrations, production stills, production notes and cast and crew bios.

The VHS and DVD release will be backed by a multimillion-dollar ad campaign on prime-time TV. Most prominent in cross-marketing the film will be a plan with Activision in which the DVD will feature content from an upcoming Minority Report video game, and the game will have a trailer for the DVD.

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