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Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance Retail Prices Drop

14 Aug, 2001 By: John Gaudiosi

Sega of America has confirmed the Dreamcast price drop to $79.99, which first broke on Hive4media.com.

In addition to the price drop for the console itself, Sega reduced the price of the controller to $14.95 and VMU units to $9.95.

Two hardware bundles have been reduced to $99.95, the Sonic hardware bundle, which includes a Dreamcast, Sonic Shuffle, Sonic Adventure and blue VMU, and the new sports hardware bundle, which includes a black Dreamcast, NFL 2K1, NBA 2K1 and World Series Baseball 2K1.

Retailers advertised the console price drop this past weekend.

Analysts and retailers believe that Sega will likely reduce the price of its failed next-generation console to $49.99 early next year, in order to rid its stock before its financial year closes in March.

While its developing games for all platforms, the company will continue to support Dreamcast with 20 games this year and additional games next year. With over 200 games available, this system is an excellent buy, especially with its online games and some big AAA titles shipping this fall like Shenmue II and the latest Sega Sports offerings.

Mass market retailers like Wal-Mart, Circuit City, Best Buy and Toys R Us have slashed the price of Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance to $89.95, down $10 from its June launch. These same retailers are also discounting games by several dollars with third-party games selling for as little at $34.95 and first party for as low as $27.95.

Unlike Dreamcast, which needs the price drop to rid its inventory of console units, Nintendo’s handheld system continues to fly off store shelves. The lower price points should help the new system sell software. The $39.95 suggest retail price of GBA games is the highest ever for a portable system.

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