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Don Most Shows Us the 'Moola'

29 Mar, 2008 By: Billy Gil

Don Most

How's this for an unlikely scenario: A former cast member of “Happy Days” directs a comedy starring a Baldwin brother about a company that makes glow sticks used by dairy farmers to get cows to start producing milk.

That's the story behind Moola, directed by Don Most, formerly known as Ralph Malph on TV's “Happy Days.” Allumination Filmworks brings Moola to DVD May 6 for $29.98. Orders are due April 1.

“I developed the story with one of the producers, Stan Holland, based on things I observed — he was one of the partners in a company very similar [to the one depicted in the film],” Most said. “Some of it was enhanced for dramatic or comedic events, but unbelievably some of this stuff is actually true.”

Moola follows the emotional war zone that develops when the struggling company finds its product may suddenly become very profitable. The film stars Daniel Baldwin, William Mapother (“Lost”), Efren Ramirez (Napoleon Dynamite), Charlotte Ross (“NYPD Blue”), Doug Hutchison (“Lost”) and Treat Williams (“Everwood”).“It's sort of like a corporate Rocky,” Most said.

Moola is Most's second film as director, after the 1999 drama The Last Best Sunday.“The guy who directed most of ‘Happy Days,' Jerry Paris, was an incredibly talented and unique individual,” Most said. “If you asked anyone, including Ron [Howard], he would tell you Jerry was a big influence.”

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