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Documentary Label May Add Shorts to Discs

18 Jul, 2003 By: Holly J. Wagner

For lower-profile documentaries, Docurama is exploring the idea of putting short films on its documentaries as bonus features. The label already has a couple of titles with feature-style extras.

“At film festivals, what they do is really interesting. With every documentary that you see, they put a short in front of it,” said Steve Savage, president of Docurama. “That model of commercializing the film festival concept as a way to give added value came from Netflix,” with which Docurama recently forged an exclusive window partnership.

A perfect example of a title that might not find an audience otherwise is the 12-minute film Terminal Bar, which examines the life of a neighborhood watering hole, said Ted Sarandos, VP of content acquisition for Netflix.

The film was shown at Sundance but is now available only in small venues (a schedule of screenings is available at terminalbar.com).

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