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Do-It-Yourself Internet Movie Site Debuts

9 Oct, 2002 By: Hive News

Internet Video Magazine has launched a "Make Movies" section on its Web site (internetvideomag.com) to teach first-timers, consumers, video hobbyists, businesspeople and video professionals how to produce Internet video and streaming media.

"We created the Make Movies section as a resource for those who want to learn how to create and post their Internet videos and movies," said Mark Shapiro, editor in chief, Internet Video Magazine. "No longer do people have to rely on video cassettes or broadcast TV to share their personal and business videos with the world. They can post them to the net and anyone with Internet access can see them."

The Make Movies area covers shooting, editing, creating and posting Internet movies, films and animations. Tutorials include the basics -- picking the right camcorder, shooting and capturing video movies, editing and compressing video for the Internet. In addition, the new section includes detailed reviews of specific camcorders, video-capture cards and products, as well as software for editing videos.

The Make Movies section provides links to Web sites that will store family, travel, holiday and even business videos for free or inexpensively, as well as locations for free, demo and shareware multimedia creation programs that can be downloaded from the Internet.

Internet Video Magazine was launched in January 2002 and has rapidly become one of the most popular video destination sites on the Internet. The Watch Videos sections are visited by thousands every day -- checking out the Internet's best, funniest and weirdest videos, and looking to find the best Web sites to watch videos about travel, Stars Wars, Movie Trailers, TV commercials, documentaries, music, animation, etc.

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