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Disney To Test Self-Destructing Discs

16 May, 2003 By: Holly J. Wagner

The Flexplay EZ-D disc turns from red to black as it expires.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment will use Flexplay Technologies, Inc.'s flexible play DVD technology to make movies available to consumers in test markets beginning in August, Flexplay reported today.

The introduction of the product, branded "EZ-D," will include titles The Recruit, Rabbit Proof Fence, The Hot Chick, 25th Hour, Heaven, Equilibrium, Frida and Signs.

The goal of the EZ-D product is to expand the overall home entertainment market by appealing to consumers whose rental consumption has diminished due to the perceived inconvenience of the current rental process.

"We are very excited to be utilizing Flexplay's technology to introduce EZ-D,” said Buena Vista Home Entertainment president Bob Chapek. “This is a great opportunity for us to test consumer receptiveness to this new product in a live market setting. We believe consumers will enjoy the benefits of EZ-D without the inconvenience of making extra trips, returning movies, and paying late fees."

EZ-D will incorporate Flexplay's proprietary flexible play technology into a standard DVD. A Flexplay-enabled DVD is similar to a conventional DVD, except that it has a 48-hour viewing window that begins when the disc is removed from its packaging. Consumers will then be able to enjoy the movie as many times as they wish during this time frame. After 48 hours of play, the DVD will no longer be readable by the DVD player and can then be recycled. A Flexplay enabled DVD works in all players, DVD drives and gaming systems designed to accept a standard DVD.

EZ-D will give these consumers easy access to recently released titles in places they already shop and the opportunity to watch them at their convenience without worrying about returns, late fees or scratched discs. EZ-D offers retailers the opportunity to expand their existing DVD business; and for first time DVD retailers, easy entree into the growing DVD category.

"We are thrilled that EZ-D discs containing Buena Vista Home Entertainment content will be available to consumers beginning in August," said Alan Blaustein, CEO of Flexplay. "We believe that EZ-D will become synonymous with Flexplay's innovative technology and that consumers and content providers will soon appreciate the convenience and ease that a Flexplay enabled EZ-D will offer."

GE Plastics has been a key strategic collaborator in Flexplay's proprietary technologies, developing a new patented Lexan resin co-polymer essential to the flexible play design.

The Lexan resin co-polymer used in the EZ-D is an essential component of the flexible play technology and is a result of a two-year strategic collaboration.

"This is a breakthrough in the DVD manufacturing process and the introduction of EZ-D represents a major technological achievement for the industry," said Flexplay president Art LeBlanc.

"Our strategic development efforts with Flexplay have resulted in yet another innovative product milestone for our Lexan resin," said John Dineen, VP and Global Lexan Business Leader for GE Plastics. "This is exciting new technology that can help revolutionize and expand the DVD marketplace. We are fully committed to maximizing this technology globally."

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