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Disney Does DVD Players

7 May, 2003 By: Hive News

“Mommy, mommy! Can we buy a Disney TV? And a Disney DVD player? And a Disney boombox? And a … ”

Strange, but true. Disney Consumer Products are trying to appeal to all ages with its newest Disney Electronics products: a 13-inch color TV ($119.99), a personal digital radio ($29.99), a stereo CD boombox ($49.99), a personal CD player ($49.99), a clock radio ($29.99), and, yes, a DVD player ($99.99).

Circuit City, Sears and Target will initially be selling the items.The DVD player offers “detachable shoes,” DVD/CD function, a customized Disney on-screen interface and screensaver, Dolby surround sound, a full-function adult remote and a kid-friendly remote. The 13-inch TV ($119.99) -- complete with a Disney-designed interface, a mouse-ear antenna and detachable shoes -- is designed to stack neatly on the DVD player.

The electronics have been designed with company Frog Design, and are manufactured and distributed by Memcorp.

The items are available in different color schemes: red-and-yellow “Classic,” pink-and-lavender “Princess” and white-purple-and-green “Buzz & Beyond,” inspired by the Toy Story films.

A third wave of Disney Electronics products is planned for the fall.

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