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Disney Brings on More Bears

15 May, 2006 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Walt Disney Home Entertainment's next direct-to-video sequel will be a follow-up to 2003's Brother Bear, which earned $85.3 million at the box office. Brother Bear 2 hits DVD Aug. 29 and features three original songs from Melissa Etheridge.

“I was so honored that they thought of me,” Etheridge said. “I brought my kids in and we watched the movie while it was still just rough pencil tests. [But] the artists had already put so much life into the characters and every now and then there would be a color picture, so I knew what was coming.

As is often the case with Disney sequels that are released directly to video, many of the voice stars from the original theatrical feature will return. Jeremy Suarez reprises his voice role as Koda, while Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas are back as the mixed-up moose duo of Rutt and Tuke.

Disney also is bringing in some high-profile actors to voice the new characters in Brother Bear 2, including Patrick Dempsey as Kenai, Mandy Moore as Nita and Wanda Skyes as Innoko and Andrea Martin and Catherine O'Hara as moosettes Anda and Kata.

Also in the pipeline: Disney's Mickey mouse Clubhouse: Mickey Saves Santa and Other Mouseketales, coming Nov. 14. The release marks the hit Playhouse Disney preschool series' DVD debut.

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