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Director Lets DVD Viewers See More of 'Dogtown'

17 Aug, 2005 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Director Catherine Hardwicke pushed some boundaries in shooting Lords of Dogtown. Some of it didn't pass the ratings muster, and she explores her tweaks to the final theatrical cut on the DVD. Hardwicke cut her teeth helming the acclaimed female teen angst film Thirteen. The skateboarding film Dogtown, which stars Heath Ledger and Emile Hirsch and is based on a true story, features similar coming-of-age issues from a male point of view.

Dogtown bows Sept. 27 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on DVD and UMD in the ‘PG-13' theatrical version ($28.95), and an unrated, extended two-disc deluxe edition ($36.96). Bonus material includes original Z-Boys cameos, director and cast commentaries, deleted scenes, a making-of feature, and make-up test outtakes. The unrated extended cut also includes a gag reel, a vignette on filming injuries and mishaps, and alternate scenes shot to please the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

“When you have a certain line in the film that you think maybe will be [rated] ‘PG-13' and [the MPAA] decides it isn't, you have to do 10 alternative [lines],” Hardwicke said. “There is one scene where Jay [Hirsch] screams out of the car window, ‘Hi, Granny, love to get me some of that vintage ass.' And we originally had him yelling, ‘Love to get me some of that grey beaver.’

Hardwicke said dealing with the ratings board, which didn't like the phrase “grey beaver,” and opted instead for “vintage ass,” became as much an exercise in negotiations as protecting the value of the filmed content. “At the end of the process, they sent me a pair of sweat pants with the word ‘vintage' stenciled on the butt,” she said. “So they did have a sense of humor.”

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